We collaborate with clients to solve their real challenges in an honest and impactful way.


1. Intro to Franchise System Management Class (1/2 day or full day)
As a new startup, gain insight and understanding of the initial and future phases of the franchising in preparation for launching your brand.
2. Understanding the Franchise Lifecycle (1/2 day or full day)
Learn techniques, policies, and procedures that safely launch new franchise without falling into traps that create franchise ROI fatigue and potential failure in many young franchise brands before reaching 20 units.

3. Advanced Franchise Systems Concepts Class (2 day-on site)
This is a 2-day intensive education session focused on how to build a strong foundation for growth.  This session delivers insight into all stages of franchise life cycle and how to prepare for each stage.

4. DIY Franchise System Design class (1 day)
Learn how to design, structure, and execute  your new franchise yourself, learning how to build a solid foundation for future stages of growth and support.

5. Executive Coaching (On Demand)
This is for executives that want to extend their knowledge of franchising in a deeper dive on complex issues based on the franchise lifecylce. Its also great for executives new to franchising that want to ramp up their understanding of franchising in a expedited time frame in an on demand setting in person or online course.

  Planning and Documentation

1. Strategic Foundation and Action Plan
Though our 5 step discovery process. We create a launch plan with analysis across departments to illuminate potential opportunities and weakness prior to launching the brand. It includes an outline of action items and priorities for launch.

2. Customized Franchise Operating Standards Manual
Customization is key, we custom produce a unique manual that fits your brand that is not constructed from a boiler plate template and we shadow operations to accurately verify client best practices and review any potential opportunities to improve the system.

Our manuals and are created with a multi-step process with complete non templated customization to the brand:

3. FDD data preparation for Lawyers
We expedite the process of gathering your business data to define the requirements of the FDD interview documents provided by legal counsel in a shorter time frame and lower cost.  We also advise on implementation strategy for state registrations to match expansion strategy and operational capabilities.

4. Completed FDD Review and Analysis
We take a different viewpoint from a business consulting perspective on the FDD. Some legal recommendations can be counter productive for franchise growth and sales.  We help align the culture, business practices, and sales expectation into the document for a more cohesive process for franchise sales while maintaining all of the full protections that the FDD should provide.

5. “Initial” Franchise Website - Content, Workflow, Positioning, and Design
 We collaborate with your internal team or agency to help structure website content and workflow to set the expectation for prospects to understand their responsibilities and path to becoming your franchisee. We custom develop reactive and proactive strategies to better qualify perspective franchisees and meeting their expectations to see themselves developing within your brand.

6. Franchise Vendor Analysis
It takes many years to become fully educated in franchising.  As a new brand, not all franchise industry related services and technology platforms are needed until the brand matures.  We provide strategic advise and evaluation for potential vendor selection such as lawyers, technology, branding firms, etc.  We created an objective vendor matrix resulting in the best fit, product, and services that match the franchise teams needs to execute from a support and budget perspective. 

7. Initial Discovery Day Design
Don't waste all of the time and budget getting a prospect to the table, then risking a deal at discovery day with the wrong content or format.  We perform a complete analysis for discovery days to bring a unique perspective which improves closings, franchisee expectation management, and pre-opening orientation.

8. Competitive Positioning Report
Most potential franchisees are reviewing multiple franchisors, categories, and investment ranges in their research to purchase a brand.  As a startup franchisor, this report provides insight into the franchise systems of your competitors that will help benchmark against current practices.  We provide hidden intelligence on how competitors are structured and reveal their behavior as a franchisor beyond the website, FDD, and Branding/PR.

Sales, Expansion, and Growth

Want to grab the attention of seasoned multi-unit developers? Want to grow your brand with stronger candidates and close deals faster? Through our sales process education, we teach teams to be in the driver’s seat to go after qualified targeted franchisees by chosen market,as well as, illuminating the best candidates in reactive sales process.

1. Creation and Positioning of Franchise Sales Program
Whether you are launching your franchise sales program or have an established team focusing on sales traction, we teach brands how to create processes, tools, and reporting systems to manage sales and to close better deals faster.  This product and service works in relation to the Position and Competitive Analysis Report. 

2. “Existing“ Website Analysis, Workflow, Re-Positioning
We help educate and guide brands through website, content, and workflow to paint the new vision and reset expectations for your prospects to understand the path of becoming your franchisee. This includes revising reactive processes and RFC/Application forms to gain better behavioral aspects of prospects.

3. Reactive Sales Systems - Design/Redesign/Training
Spending budget dollars to attract franchisees can be an expensive and inefficient proposition both on the marketing and technology sides.  We provide processes that create a more efficient path to increasing your prospect to deal ratio, while reducing the time that sales professionals have to use in the qualification process.

4. In-House qualifications process training
We have a system and education to move reactive candidates through the process faster with more information and process applications with less time and overhead, whether on a franchise technology platform or not. 

5. Franchise Sales Manual
Every franchisor should have this internal manual for teaching qualifications for sales and support personnel on the best way to process and close new franchise sales deals.  We create customized manuals that will also reduce any potential liabilities for franchisors internally that may be caused or threatened during this sales process with prospective franchisees. 

6. Existing Discovery Day Analysis
We perform a complete evaluation of the existing discovery day through a shadow process.  We identify disconnects and uniquely optimize the content and flow of information for a franchisee to interact with your brand in an unique way versus competitive franchises in their consideration set during the critical path to closing. 

Control and Audit

 1. Franchise Administration Management Training
We educate and train administration professionals to proactively manage all phases of administration and compliance from franchisee notices to transfers, assignments, and realignment of ownership.  Educate how to communicate and alert the system to warning signs of miscommunication internally or from Franchisees.

You must process each franchisee in the same way with the same documents each time.  Learn how to create a solid foundation in which to do so.  This also allows you to identify the breaks in the process that go beyond most of the Franchise related CRM tools.

2. Franchise Administration Process Manual:
Ensure that each administrative personnel is processing each franchisee and documents the same way with the same steps every time.  We prepare an internal manual to be used in training new personnel and re-training current personnel to adhere to consistent behavior, reducing potential liability. Technology systems do not always ensure accurate administrative procedures.

Execution and Efficiency

1. Orientation/Cross Departmental On-Boarding Program
This program alleviates the time gap between when a franchisee signs and comes to training while reinforcing the expectation of the franchisee role.  We establish and create an orientation program to communicate through a presentation via web or on site approximately 1-2 months after they sign for each new franchisee that includes sets timeline and policies procedures expectations that are important between then and opening.  This is the initial integration to the operations teams. 

2. Customized Franchise Operating Standards Manual
Customization is key, we custom produce a unique manual that fits your brand that is not constructed from a boiler plate template and we shadow operations to accurately verify client best practices and review any potential opportunities to improve the system.

Our manuals and are created with a multi-step process with complete customization to the brand:

3. Franchise Manual -“Revisions-Updates-Rewrite”
Analysis and revisions of op manuals that may contain poor practices, outdated information,or poor execution of the initial manuals.  A detail review of documentation, FDD, standard operating procedures with validation of cross referenced disconnect to FDD, andconsolidation of franchise brand voice while removing any language that could create liability.  Manual creation steps are the same as above. 

4. Franchise “Re-Launch” Plan

We analyze and provide a plan on how to re-launch a stalled or struggling franchise programs. We kick-start the franchise offering with a fresh strategy to navigate existing franchisee issues, streamline operations, and attract better franchisees.


Compliance and Results

Are your Business Consultants adding value to the franchisees, increasing brand equity and protecting the system?  Learn how your team can do all three and the importance of staying connected to the Franchise Sales and Franchise Administration teams.  A synergistic team is a team that drives sales and unit growth with new franchisees as well as current franchisees, with less time spent on compliance issues and more time spent on planning and preparing for future growth. We have tools to elevate skills and processes to make the Business Consultants jobs easier.

1. Franchise Business Consulting

This one-day class educates Franchise Business Consultants to be trained to handle compliance, but also consult with the franchisees in the right manner.  How they perform is critical to the growth and protection of your brand.  We teach them to manage each franchisee through the brand culture and tight systems, that the brand has worked so hard to create.

2. Franchise Compliance Process Manual

As with the other internal manuals on how your teams should operate in the best manner by improving revenues and reducing any potential liabilities. This manual provides standards on what each department should do on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis as well as the inter-connective reporting for management. 

3. Franchise Education: "How to Maximize Your Compliance Program"

We review all of your compliance programs and provide recommendations on consistent practices by evaluating all departments through the FLM methodology. After we conduct the initial review, we deliver the results and recommendations in an educational forum to serve as on-the-job training for the entire franchise team.


General Franchise Support & Consulting

Franchise help is available on a hourly/weekly/monthly basis as needed for any franchise related needs. Click here to learn more.

1. Individual Forms and Document library
We have forms and preset editable documents for franchise process that provide general education about the form and its use in franchising.  We can tailor documents for your needs or you can purchase them directly.

2. Franchisee Development: How to become a Multi Unit Franchisee, Area Developer, or Regional Developer

This is a two-part series that guides franchisees from becoming first-time business owners to multi-unit operators.  Frequently franchisees believe they understand the basics of business ownership and purchase a franchise without the proper knowledge base or tools.  Furthermore, franchisors assume many franchisees have many of the necessary skills and talents when in fact; there may be deficiencies that could result in an unsuccessful long-term partnership and poor growth.  This is why many franchisees stay at 1-2 units – they do not understand the basics of business ownership, and therefore cannot logically grow (not wanting to admit they may not understand the support services) into the multi-unit level.